Friday, 21 October 2011

Full list of Nominations for the MR Transformation Awards

Over the last 2 weeks I have been compiling nominations for the ideas and innovations that are transforming market research and have assembled a group of judges to pick out some winners, I will be presenting these at the NewMR festival on 3rd Nov.  Here is the full list of nominations that I have drawn up from a wide variety of contributors, thanks to everyone who has contributed an idea.  

10 major ideas that are transforming how we think about market research

From all the nominations I have tried to identify the key themes that have been shaping our thinking about Market Research over recent years.  Here is the list I have drawn up, I am sure it is by no means complete and welcome any other suggestions to add to this list. 

This list is in no particular order.... 

Wisdom of the crowds: Discovering that groups can make intelligent decisions

Information can be beautiful: The idea that data can be sexy, and there are a lot more creative ways of presenting data than a bar chart

The hidden decision making process of our brain: Leaning that our concious mind is not always in control of our decisions

Herd thinking: Understanding the power of social influence

Co-creation: We can work together to create things

Gamification: Using gaming techniques to get respondents to think more effectively

Listening rather than asking: The idea of gaining incite from the mass of communicaton happening on the internet and using observation and means of conducting research

Big data: The emerging opportunity to consolidate information from all sources of sources to undertake super analysis

Thin slicing: The idea that you can generate a lot more incite than you think from very small data sources

The communitisation of market research: We are all sharing a lot more ideas & information with things like twitter, linkedin and blogs and this is "superscalling" our industry

General research techniques & methodologies that are transforming how we conduct market research

 Next I have tried to summarise the key research techniques and methodologies that are transforming how we conduct market research. Again I sure this list is by no means complete and so I would welcome any more suggested additions. 

Text analytics
Mobile phone research
Conjoint analysis
Predictive markets trading
Real time research
Virtual shopping
Research communities
Social media monitoring
Behavioral economics
Online qualitative research
Implicit association research
Eye tracking
Online dial testing
Location based research
Mobile ethnography
Conquest sofa technique
Facial emotion recognition
Observational research
Books that have had a transformative impact on Market research

These are the short list of books I have drawn up compiled largely from a linkedIn discussion I set in place earlier this year.

Information is beautiful, David McCandless
Reality os Broken, Jane McGonnigal
Herd, Mark Earls
How we Decide, Jonah Lehrer
Where good ideas come from, Steven Johnson
The wisdom of the crowd, James Surowiecki
The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini
Art & Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence, Smith and Fletcher
Being Wrong, Adventures in the Margin of Error, Kathryn Schulz
Consumer.ology,  Philip Graves
Black Swan,The Impact of the Highly Improbable
Resonate, Nancy Duarte


Innovation in any field is strongly linked to the quality of cross communication and the ways of communicating ideas about market research have proliferated in recent years with the advent of the internet. Here is a list of nominations of research organisations, publications and new communication channels that are transforming how we think about market research.

Research organisations:
The Market Research Society
Research & Results

International Journal of Market Research
Research Magazine

New media communication channels:

The general blogging communities
Greenbook Blog
Festival of New MR!

Finally here are some more specialist categories that I have grouped together

Data analysis:
Big data
Conjoint analysis
Text analytics
Semantic analysis
Discourse analysis
Respondent self analysis

Data presentation:
Story telling

Mobile phone based research:
Location based research
Mobile ethnography
Me research
Interactive experiences

MROC Techniques:
Chatrooms/buletin boards
online focus groups

Off shoring
Existing leading MR firms
The younger generation of MR firms
New entrants from outside traditional MR
Client side market research teams
The panelist providers

Qual Techniques:
Online focus groups
Hybrid quali-quant techniques
Webcam interviews
Online offline techniques
Focus group game play techniques
NLP inspired techniques

General Research Methodology:
Behavioural economics
Neuro research
Conjoint analysis

Survey Monkey
Survey Gizmo
Market Tools

Technology enabled methodologies:
Virtual shopping
Implicit association research
Eye tracking
Online dial testing
Facial emotion recognition
Click testing/heat mapping

Ways of gathering data:
Research communities
Social media monitoring
Instant polling
Traditional panels
Social media sourcing
River sampling
Micro sampling
Observational techniques
Intelligent sample merging

Please note everything on this list is up for debate and I would welcome any additional ideas and suggestions.


  1. I buy into Behavioural Economics, and love new exciting things. Doesn't make me a) a cultural optimist and b) a belief that just becuase it's new it's got transformation power. just saying.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Great to have all of this in one place. Consistent with what I've been observing in the industry as well.

  3. Hi Jon, would love to help. Please let me know more...