Thursday, 10 November 2011

#MRX 2011 Tweet Awards

I am thinking about running some #MRX Tweet Awards at the end of the year to celebrate the best tweeters in market research.  But I realise it is the sort of idea that should not really be done by one individual but co-created by collective of industry Tweeters as I think it would have more value.

So 4 questions...

1. Who wants to be involved?
Tweet me if you would like to be involved as either a judge, or would volunteer to help organised

2. What awards should we have? 

My suggestions are:
1. Top tweeters
2. Best single tweets
3. Best rolling tweet discussion
4. Best tweeted #mrx event
5. New tweeter of the year?

Tweet any suggestions/thoughts.

Thought in from Tom Ewing about best single tweets - does anyone store favourite tweets?

3. Anyone want to sponsor it? 

Or perhaps who do you think should sponsor it?  Though I was not thinking that this should be a commercial exercise but if someone want to so stump up the cost of buying some gongs that would be great.

4. One other thing what should the hashtag be?

 #mrxta is a bit dull #mrxtweetawards is too long an unreadable.  Over to you with suggetions.

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