Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fun = Feedback

We have recently done an experiment where we asked respondents to complete a series of survey questions designed in different ways and then at the end of the survey asked them how much fun it was to answer each question.

We then analysed the results to look at the time they spent answering each question, the volume of feedback and the level of data granularity as measured by the level of straight-lining.

In total we had data like this asked across 20 different questions and each question was asked in 2 or 3 different ways.

In every single instance the most fun version of the question encouraged respondents to spend more time answering the question, generated more feedback and resulted in least straight-lining.

Now think about a survey from a consumers point of view, it is as much a piece of entertainment as anything. Most people do survey in the spare time as a bit of fun as an alternative to perhaps playing games or going on Facebook.

 Like any form of entertainment, the more entertaining it is, the more time you we dedicate to consume it.

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