Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015 the survey design tipping point: change now or pay the price later

I can't change my survey as it will effect all our historical trend data.

This dilemma sits at the heart of most the discussions we have with companies wishing to update their research studies. "I would love to do things differently but I can't!"

And it is also the is the reason why so many of the surveys we look are behind the curve in way of design and questioning techniques,the reason why the average online survey length has crept up from 15 minutes to over 20 minutes over the last 5 years.

Well 2015 is the year in which things are going to have to change.

...and the reason is, our respondents are going mobile.

At the end of  2013 only 5% of people completing our surveys did so via mobile or tablet device, by the end of 2014 that figure has reached 20%. In some lead markets of Asia its already approaching 30% and as an indicator of where things are going, by the end of 2014 more than half the people signing up to our online panels did so via a mobile or tablet device.

What we are starting to see is stark differences in completion rates between those surveys that are mobile compatible and those that are not.

We are going mobile too...

 By the end of this year all our survey respondents are going to have the choice of what surveys they want to complete and every survey that is not mobile compatible will be marked as non-compatible.   As a result, the cost of fielding these non-mobile compatible surveys will start to increase significantly.

This is a change or die moment for many peoples tracking studies.

The days of getting away with a 20 minute+ grid dominated survey are pretty much over.   The dropout rates of these types of longer surveys on respondents completing surveys mobile devices are over 50% , which is simply not acceptable for anyone.


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