Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Winners of The Research Transformation award

These are the result of the Research Transformations awards which I was asked to organise for a special session at the NewMR Festival.   These awards were initiated to celebrate the things that have had (or are having!) the most transformative impact on market research.  The awards have been judged by an esteemed panel of 30 leading research innovators and thought leaders from across the industry.  The full list of judges is published below and I would like to thank them all for their time and active contributions to these awards.

This is the judging survey and if you would like to CAST YOUR OWN VOTES on these awards please do,  and I hope to be able to publishing the results of this open vote in the future, it may be interesting to compare the open vote with those of the judging panel:

The big ideas that are transforming how we think about market research
The first award is for the big ideas that are transforming how we think about market research. Over the few years a number of major ideas and theme have emerged that have shaped the way we think.

1. Listening rather than asking
The emergence of social media has opened up a whole new viewpoint on how to conduct research moving away from asking questions to listening to what people are saying.  What is has spawned a whole new  industry monitoring and measuring and analysing what we are saying when we are not asked questions by market researcher.  Listening is becoming more important than asking.
2. The hidden decision making process of our brain 
We are slowly learning more and more about how our brains work and we are finding out that the way we decide things and make decisions is a lot more complicated that we think and a lot of it happens outside of our consciousness.  This thought is really transforming how many market researchers think about conducting research, no longer can we rely on simply asking questions we have look further.
3. Information can be beautiful 
We in the market research agency can be labelled by the outside world an boring numbers people but the arrival of inforgraphics onto the scene and new story telling technique have started to make our industry a whole lot more sexy!

This is the full list of nominations.... 

Wisdom of the crowds: Discovering that groups can make intelligent decisions
Information can be beautiful: The idea that data can be sexy, and there are a lot more creative ways of presenting data than a bar chart
The hidden decision making process of our brain: Leaning that our concious mind is not always in control of our decisions
Herd thinking: Understanding the power of social influence
Co-creation: We can work together to create things
Gamification: Using gaming techniques to get respondents to think more effectively
Listening rather than asking: The idea of gaining incite from the mass of communicaton happening on the internet and using observation and means of conducting research
Big data: The emerging opportunity to consolidate information from all sources of sources to undertake super analysis
Thin slicing: The idea that you can generate a lot more incite than you think from very small data sources
The communitisation of market research: We are all sharing a lot more ideas & information with things like twitter, linkedin and blogs and this is "superscalling" our industry

General research techniques & methodologies that are transforming how we conduct market research
The second award is for the specific techniques and methodologies that have had a transformative impact on market research.  I asked the judges not to pick out specifically the ones that had had most impact but pick out the methodologies and techniques that resonated most with them personally

.1. Research communities
Citation: MROC communities have been the real success story for market research over recent years, spawning a raft of successful new business and re-engineered how many businesses are interacting with their customers
Citation: This technique has married marketers and consumer together to revolutionise product development
3. Gamification
Citation: An idea that has set the industry alight with the realms of possibilities it offers to not just gather data but to communicate with consumers and clients alike.

This full list of nominations....
Text analytics
Mobile phone research
Conjoint analysis
Predictive markets trading
Real time research
Virtual shopping
Research communities
Social media monitoring
Behavioral economics
Online qualitative research
Implicit association research
Eye tracking
Online dial testing
Location based research
Mobile ethnography
Conquest sofa technique
Facial emotion recognition
Observational research
Books that have had a transformative impact on Market research
These are the books that our judging panels felt have had the most transformative impact on how we think about market research

1. Information is Beautiful
Citation: David McCandless’s book is a must have addition to any market researchers coffee table! The book that made data sexy

2. The Wisdom of the Crowds
Citation: James Surowiecki’s book is one of the most cited books in Market research a wonderful validation of what we all hoped to be believe that collectively we are smarter than we think.

3. How we decide
Citation: Jonah Lehrer’s book delves into the hidden decision making process of the brain, a must read for would be behavioural scientists

This is the short list of books compiled largely from a linkedIn discussion I set in place earlier this year.

Information is beautiful, David McCandless
Reality os Broken, Jane McGonnigal
Herd, Mark Earls
How we Decide, Jonah Lehrer
Where good ideas come from, Steven Johnson
The wisdom of the crowd, James Surowiecki
The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini
Art & Science of Interpreting Market Research Evidence, Smith and Fletcher
Being Wrong, Adventures in the Margin of Error, Kathryn Schulz
Consumer.ology,  Philip Graves
Black Swan,The Impact of the Highly Improbable
Resonate, Nancy Duarte

Innovation in any field is strongly linked to the quality of cross communication and the ways of communicating ideas about market research have proliferated in recent years with the advent of the internet. Here is a list of nominations of research organisations, publications and new communication channels that are transforming how we think about market research.

Research organisations
Winner:  ESOMAR
Citation: A truly global market research organisation which unites the world of market research

The nominees:
The Market Research Society
Research & Results

Winner:  Research Magazine
Citation: It has its fingers on the pulse of market research ! Covering both the stories and the people behind market research and its successful blend of online and offline communication.

The nominees:
International Journal of Market Research
Research Magazine

New media communication channels
Winner:  Twitter
Citation: Emerging as the No.1 platform for the transfer of news and ideas across the Market Research community
Runner up: The blogging community
Citation: Market research bloggers are really driving forward the market research agenda.

The nominees:

The general blogging communities
Greenbook Blog
Festival of New MR!

Finally here are some more specialist categories that I have grouped together

Data analysis
Winner: Big Data

The nominees:
Big data
Conjoint analysis
Text analytics
Semantic analysis
Discourse analysis
Respondent self analysis

Data presentation
The winner: story telling

The nominees:
Story telling

Mobile phone based research
The winner: Location based research

The nominees:
Location based research
Mobile ethnography
Me research
Interactive experiences

Winners: The younger generation of MR firms 
Citation: The last decade has seen the rapid growth of a number of new MR first which have really transformed and shaken up the market research industry

 The nominees:Off shoring
Existing leading MR firms
The younger generation of MR firms
New entrants from outside traditional MR
Client side market research teams
The panelist providers

Qual Techniques
Winners: Hybrid quali-quant techniques
Citation: The lines between qual and quant are rapidly blurring and techniques that blend the two are very much seen as the future.

  The nominees:
Online focus groups
Hybrid quali-quant techniques
Webcam interviews
Online offline techniques
Focus group game play techniques
NLP inspired techniques

The Winner: Confirmit
Citation: Its flexibility and depth of features it has become the most widely adopted platform for designing online surveys in the MR industry

The nominees:
Survey Monkey
Survey Gizmo
Market Tools

Technology enabled methodologies
The Winner: Facial emotion recognition
Citation: Anyone who has seen this in action cannot be failed to be impressed with its potential as a market research tool

The nominees:  Virtual shopping
Implicit association research
Eye tracking
Online dial testing
Facial emotion recognition
Click testing/heat mapping

Ways of gathering data
The winner: Social media sourcing
Citation: Who would bet against social media becoming a primary channel for accessing audiences for market research?
Runner up: Intelligent Sample merging
Citation: Mix sample sources are going to be ever more important in the future and technology that can intelligently merge sample will have a critical role to play

The nominees:  
Research communities
Social media monitoring
Instant polling
Traditional panels
Social media sourcing
River sampling
Micro sampling
Observational techniques
Intelligent sample merging

The panel of judges:

Leonard Murphy: Greenbook blog
Sue York: NewMR
Alex Johnson: Kantar Operations
Jo Rigby: Omnicom Media Group
Sven Arn: H,T,P Concepts
Reg Baker: Market Strategies
Pravin Shekar: Krea
Bernie Malinoff: Element 54
Deborah Sleep: Engage Research
Peter Mouncey: IJMR
Edward Kasabov: Bath University
Brian Tarran: Research Magazine
Jeffrey Hennings: Affinnova
Mark Uttley: ex Sony Music
Sean Copeland: Environics Research
Wim van Slooten: MOA Netherlands
Mike Cooke: GFK
Orlando Wood: Brainjuicer Labs
Tiama Hanson-Drury: GMI
Martin Oxley: BuzzBack
Sabine Stork: ThinkTank
Surinder Siama:
Tom De Ruyck: InSites Consulting
Betsy Leichliter: Leichliter Associates
Kathryn Korostoff: Research Rockstar
Mitch Eggers: GMI 
Roxana Strohmenger: Forrester
Mario Menti:
Dan Kvistbo:  Norstat
Ole Andresen : Confirmit
Adam Warner: RW Connect
Diane Hessan: Communispace


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