Friday, 20 June 2014

23 Buzzwords coined and used at the 2014 ESOMAR Digital Dimensions Conference

This years Digital Dimensions conference produced a particularly good harvest of buzzwords, some of which you may have heard before but some I can guarantee are 100% new!

The conference buzzword award has to go to John Humphrey Kimberly Clark & Joost Poolman Simons from IPSOS who in one presentation delivered more new additions to the market research vocabulary pool than I think I have heard in one hit. 

1. Glassnography: The new term for ethnography using google glasses Coined in presentation by: John Humphrey Kimberly Clark & Joost Poolman Simons Ipsos

2. Privacy:  The word probably mentioned more often at this conference than any other (source: various)

3. Fanqual:  Doing qualitative research amongst your Facebook fans by posting ideas and getting their feedback  Coined in presentation by: John Humphrey Kimberly Clark & Joost Poolman Simons Ipsos

4. Spammyness index = How Impersonal x how intentionally manipulative a piece of marketing communication is. Coined by Jacob White VisualDNA

5. Cupcake research: A derogatory term for the type of research that looks great, but is too sweet to eat and has little or no healthy substance.  Coined in presentation by: John Humphrey Kimberly Clark & Joost Poolman Simons Ipsos

6. Phylogenetics: A new very nerdy means of analysing social networks devised and discussed in a paper by OMD (don’t ask me to explain it!)

7. Amazonification: The observation of how some people are using Amazon as first point of call for researching and  purchasing so many different things (Note Ebay is used in a similar way by another sub strand of the population but ebayification doesn’t sound quite right!) Coined in presentation by: John Humphrey Kimberly Clark & Joost Poolman Simons Ipsos

8.Data exhaust: The data pollution that pours out systems that we cannot effectively use (source: various)

9. Shapely value:  The game theory technique devised buy Lloyd Shapely he won a Nobel Prize is emerging as a great way of segmenting activity usage in market research which was ably demonstrated by the team from AOL

10. The Big 5: The five key personality traits to understanding human behaviour: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. These are becoming the cornerstone of many standard research measurement techniques so they get a collective noun the big 5  Coined by Jacob White VisualDNA

11. The physiological data era:  Wearable technology is going to be the dominant new source of market research data over the next decade and a prediction that physiological data is going to become one of the key metric of market research coined by Gawain Morrison from SENSUM

12. Why analytics: Analysing big data to gain deeper insights into customers wants and needs (source various)

13. The army of influencers:  An observation of what it feels like to be an expectant mum for the first time and the bewildering array of advice you are offered  in the digital age.  Coined in presentation by: John Humphrey Kimberly Clark & Joost Poolman Simons Ipsos

14. Corporate purpose: In the social media age, companies are realising the collective power of consumers – business that simply pursue the need to make money and don’t  address  the actual needs of their consumers in the decisions can easily become a cropper.  To address this there is a growing trend amongst business to try and define their “Corporate purpose”  Coined by Jacob White VisualDNA

15. Share of experience:  Share of voice is a fairly meaningless idea in a wold where we are bombarded by messages in multi-dimensions.   We should focus on share of experience which is more about measuring what is cutting through.  Coined by Chris Wallbridge Mesh Planning

16.Renegade professionals:  “The future is in the hands of the “renegade professionals” So much innovation is happening outside conventional businesses and it’s the outsiders, the renegades that are inventing the future – very much on their terms!

17. Microboredom:  Those moments waiting in the queue when we noodle on our mobile phones. Mentioned by Alex Drozdovsky BBDO Worldwide

18. Technotots & digikids:  Terms to describe the proliferation and impact of technology on young children Mentioned by Alex Drozdovsky BBDO Worldwide

19.The google shop assistant: The phenomenon that many people out shopping would prefer to look up their query on their smart phone than ask the shop assistant. Google is becoming the shop assistant!

20. Selection over sample: New research techniques are going to be more reliant on having the right type of active participants than larger numbers of balanced sample.  Coined by Grant Bird Hall & Partners

21. The Zero moment of memory: We are using our smartphones more and more to replace our own memory. Coined by Nick Drew from Yahoo! and Olga Churkina from Fresh Intelligence Research

22. Digital Detox: The idea of decoupling ourselves from our digitial devices to allow us to unwind coined by Alex Drozdovsky BBDO Worldwide

23. Turning off is the new emotion: Another idea coined by Alex Drozdovsky BBDO Worldwide we are being so bombarded by data and information in  the new digital age that turning off is the new emotion

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